It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job, a lover, or just the American Dream itself, the United States remains a top choice for people moving abroad. America has a long history and tradition of welcoming people of every background and culture, making this “melting pot” an incredible place to live as an expat. The US is very much the “land of opportunity” it always was. There are a plenty of benefits to living in the USA, but here are our top ten reasons to move to the USA.

  1. The “Can Do” Attitude of Americans

Practically every American has a positive can-do attitude. They see opportunity where others see problems. This great nation was founded on the idea that anyone can do YES YOU CANanything they strive for after all, so it’s hardly surprising Americans don’t understand the concepts of negativity and self-doubt. This means expats can expect to live among a welcoming, friendly population that is eager to help new people get settled. Many American towns have a strong sense of community to them and you can expect neighbours to be friendly and helpful.

People from around 200 different nationalities are calling the United States their home, meaning that the country has certainly learned a few lessons on the benefits of diversity and how to celebrate it. You can expect to make lots of friends from America and the world as a whole. You may even find some expats with similar roots to yours. The tolerance and positivity America offers is a key part of the expat experience and deserves first place in our list of top 10 reasons to move to the USA.

  1. The Healthcare

The United States has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Hospitals are well-funded, staff are well-trained, and America leads the world in medical innovation. That means you can expect the best treatment available whenever you need it. 90% of all medical innovations since 1975 have been made in America. Americans also have the best dental care in the world with the cleanest, straightest, and whitest smiles around.

Of course there is a cost to this standard of care. Many expats are worried about the financial costs of US healthcare. Employers in the country offer generous healthcare packages in their salary packages though, and some of these will even cover partners and children.


  1. Education

If you are going to be taking children with you to the United States then you want to be sure they are getting a good education. The good news is that the American education system is one of the best in the world. You’ll be able to send children to private or state schools and there are many institutions that follow the British or International Baccalaureate curriculum if you want. No matter which path your children take they will come out of it with a great education and a qualification recognised across the world.

  1. Strong Economy

The strong economy of the US has allowed the country to last through financial crises and global depressions. The US Dollar remains the primary reserve currency of the world, a sure sign of how respected and stable the currency is. A survey of OECD countries showed that Americans have the highest average household income in the world.

Despite all this, America is a relatively inexpensive country to live in. It was ranked first for the security and affordability of food according to a Global Food Security Index. British expats will be treated to a reduced food and fuel bill. Housing in the States is also cheaper compared to other wealthy nations thanks to the abundance of low-cost land.

  1. Career Opportunities

Americans work hard and they take pride in their work. They all take great pride in earning their own living and the unemployment rate in the country is a measly 4.6%. The United States is regularly among the top five countries for workforce productivity as well.

Employers are open to the idea of looking abroad to bring in the best possible talent to work for them. If you’ve got the skills that an American company needs, then they will give you any help they can, from helping to secure a visa to helping secure a home. Once in the country you’ll enjoy security and satisfaction in your job and can have a promising career should you have a strong work ethic and be an asset for your employer. British employees in particular are attractive because of their almost identical language.

  1. Room to Breathe

It’s impossible to deny the sheer size of the United States. It’s so enormous that Texas, by itself, is around three times as large as the UK. Americans have over twice the average living space of an EU resident. That means that the prices for land – not to mention property – are generally lower across the pond. There are some exceptions though, such as New York City.

That room also gives you more to see, do, and explore. The US has over 200,000 square miles of National Parkland and protected areas to enjoy. The US certainly has the space for you to just get away from everything.

  1. Natural Beauty

We can’t mention the abundance of wide-open spaces in the US without mentioning how beautiful it all is. America has vast lakes, rugged mountain ranges for skiing and climbing, and two oceans’ worth of coastlines. There’s plenty of natural beauty and wonder to the United States including the Grand Canyon and Everglades. You won’t know where to begin!

The USA is home to 58 National Parks and even more managed parks and wilderness areas packed full of flora and fauna. Altogether there are 784 species of birds, 428 species of mammals, and 606 species of reptiles and amphibians in the States.

  1. Weather

The size of the States means that there’s bound to be a climate that agrees with you. From the sunshine state of California to the frozen north of Alaska, America has anything and everything. There’s even some tropical regions and desert plains to be discovered. While you can still have a barbeque called due to rain, it’s not as likely to happen in Miami compared to Manchester.

  1. The Food

Americans take their food and drink seriously. The country is home to over 600,000 restaurants serving up recipes from around the world to match any taste or budget. Even the smallest towns will have their own independent restaurateurs who are serious about serving delicious food.

The country certainly takes pride in their food and even breakfast is a great chance to explore what culinary delights are on offer. The national dishes of America might seem simple, but very few countries have managed to perfect hamburgers, fries, and macaroni cheese quite like the Americans. The United States is also best in the world at customer service. The waiting staff are well-mannered and happy to provide service with a smile.

  1. Travel Opportunities

With everything there is to see and do in the States you’ll never want to leave. There’s always something to do with your holiday time, whether it’s relaxing on the beaches of California and Florida, or taking a city break in Seattle and New York. If you want something more extreme then what about skiing in the Rockies, admiring autumn in New England or riding horses through Yosemite?

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