Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and national security adviser HR McMaster both indicated the United States is open to negotiations on staying in the accord

Key officials in the Trump cabinet have confirmed a soft stance in the decision of the United States Government to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement as there are feelers that the topic will be among issues that will be analyzed at this week’s United Nations General Assembly in New York. The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and the national security adviser, HR McMaster have confirmed that the United States Government is willing to listen to suggestions that will enable it to remain in the charter to control the role of the human in global warming.

A demonstration against Trump’s decision to pull out of the landmark climate change deal, which the president announced.

President Trump made it known to the world that the United States under his watch is pulling out of the agreement in June thereby leaving Nicaragua and Syria in the deal. The pulling out of the accord was an electoral promise made by him despite the fact that the Obama administration was the Government that signed the pact, but it is important to note that the regulations of the agreement stated that the US cannot leave entirely until 2020. The White House has denied the United States wants to stay in the Paris Climate accord.

According to the White House correspondents, the United States debunked speculations that it will stay within the rules of the Paris climate accord and confirmed that its resolve to leave the agreement remains unchanged and can only consider remaining in the deal if the terms are satisfactory.

The two officials also argued that the primary focus of the US Government is to have an improved deal. Their new resolution to discuss terms of remaining in the agreement is in contrast with the harsh way President Trump handled the issue and the earlier stance of the American Government which is to leave the deal and negotiate on a later date.

Tillerson confirmed that Trump is willing to achieve a level playing ground where we can work with other nations but admitted it is a tough one. He also disclosed that Gary Cohn, who is a principal economic adviser of President Trump, is in charge of managing policy talks for the White House. According to him, the United States plans to explore other means to work in collaboration with other countries who are signatories to the Paris climate agreement as we are focused on help and productivity.

After the emergence of speculations from ministerial talks in Montreal, Canada which more than thirty nations are in attendance and preparing for the forthcoming UN climate summit in Bonn around November, the Trump Administration was forced to release a statement on Saturday. The Wall Street Journal claimed that the key officials of the Trump Administration stated that the United States will not leave the Paris agreement and are willing to re-engage quoting the European Union climate commissioner, Miguel Cañete. The statement from the Trump officials disclosed that they are still looking for conditions to work with other countries in the deal.

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said the president ‘is open to finding those conditions where we can remain engaged

Moreover, in a swift response to the claim of the Wall Street Journal; Jochen Flasbarth who is the German environment ministry state secretary debunked the information of the report in an announcement to the Guardian through the electronic mail. Flasbarth who attended the meeting in Montreal termed the report as misleading as it is a misunderstanding of the facts. He confirmed that the United States officials did not confirm that the US will change its stance on leaving the Paris accord.

He also maintained that the US Government does not intend to sever ties with the international climate community as the Montreal discussion was productive. McMaster also stated that the United States is likely to remain in the accord if the deal brings tremendous benefits to the American citizenry. He also disclosed that President Trump is willing to listen to suggestions that will enhance the environment and also assist ensure our energy security as well as improving the prosperity of the American business enterprises and workforce.

In his words, Flasbarth argued that the terms of the Paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated as national pledges cannot be destabilized but can only be updated. Moreover, the present commitments from all countries are not enough to limit global warming to 2C. He said after several years of working out a feasible plan, the Paris Climate accord was reached in 2015. It was on record that delegates cried and applauded as more than two hundred nations which also include China and United States promised to reduce emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

Rex Tillerson spoke for President Trump confirmed that the United States is working with other partners to create an arranged terms and conditions which are believed to favor the American people. He asserted that the previous accord was partial towards to China as it supported it unnecessarily but maintained that President Trump is open-minded.

The application of diplomacy by the Trump administration has been identified as a change from the hard stance of the President who earlier declared the climate change as a hoax. If the Trump administration chose to remain in the Paris accord, it would be a major turnaround in a significant policy.

In the past few weeks, President Trump secured a deal with the opposition leaders over the debt ceiling and Government funding. He also reiterated that he is willing to work on immigration and we can agree that these moves are not pleased with the Republicans who gave us the president with an all-time low approval assessment.

McMaster stated that the Paris Climate deal offered the leading polluters of the environment the opportunity to do as they like, he also asserted that President Trump had informed them that the United States will leave the agreement but may consider coming back when the terms are favorable.